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Pricing and spa covers models are explained below in RED. Due to increases in petroleum, prices may change without notice.

For superior construction, outstanding performance and a great spa experience, Spa Cover Direct measures up every day!

Every time you lift the cover off your spa, you’re expecting the perfect environment -- warm, relaxing, serene. That’s what customers get with Spa Cover Direct, every day.

If you have any questions about hot tub covers, most can be answered HERE. Free Shipping on New Spa Covers! Want to Order Now? For superior construction, outstanding performance and a great spa experience, Spa Cover Direct measures up every day!

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custom spa covers

How can our prices be so low you ask? It is because we ARE the manufacturer of hot tub spa covers! Most online companies selling spa covers are actually distributors selling products from a spa cover manufacturer, therefore having to raise the price of their spa covers in order to obtain their profit. Many distributors are actually selling our spa covers. We provide hot tub covers to several spa/hot tub manufacturers which are sold with the tubs, so quality is never an issue. If you purchase from another hot tub covers company, be sure that you find out how long they have been around, they may not be there for you if a warranty issue arises! Get proof of their length of existence. We've been around for over 30 years and plan to be around another 30 years or longer! For more information about our spa covers please continue reading.

custom spa coversMost questions about our hot tub covers can be answered HERE. Engineered for energy efficiency & high R-value, every cover we make combines two heat seals & high-density foam inserts to keep the warmth inside while the weather stays out. Plus, the inserts are tapered to shrug off precipitation & sealed in 4-mil polyethylene to prevent moisture absorption. We offer 3 different thicknesses of spa covers, the thicker the cover, the stronger & more energy efficient the cover is. The image below shows the differences in thickness. The standard (in green) is 4" x 2".

spa cover manufacturerOur $315.00 Standard spa Covers (Free Shipping* see note below) This cover is a 4" x 2" taper, meaning the cover is 4" thick at the hinge, and tapers down to 2". The taper allows rain runoff.

Our $340.00 Premier spa Covers (Free Shipping* see note below) This cover is a 5" x 3" taper, a little thicker and more energy efficient.

Our $365.00 Elite spa Covers (Free Shipping* see note below) This cover has a 6" x 4" taper, the thickest and most energy efficient cover we offer. PLEASE NOTE! If you keep your tub heated for a majority of the year or year round, the additional cost for the thicker covers will be saved on your energy bill within the FIRST FEW MONTHS, which is why the majority of folks are looking for a quality cover, to save on their heating bill. Be sure to consider this when making your purchase.

The Strongest Cover Ever
We offer one other model, MAXTOP PREMIER hot tub covers, starting at $630.00 (Free Shipping* see note below) is the strongest line of our spa covers. It is nicknamed "The Walk-On Cover". It is constructed with the same materials as PREMIER hot tub covers, however we add an additional strengthening feature, FRP, (FIBERGLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC) laminate to both sides of the foam inserts. This type of cover is best when the tub is at ground level and human traffic is possible. The cover is strong enough to keep an accidental break-through in case someone happens to walk onto the hot tub covers. This cover is also ideal for areas where large animals may want to cuddle up and keep warm on your tub. Bears, deer, and other large animals have been reported taking naps on their tubs, causing the covers to break. For MAXIMUM STRENGTH, we offer the MAXTOP ELITE hot tub covers. It is manufactured using the 6” x 4” taper Elite foam inserts. ELITE MAXTOP COVERS over 100" require special order foam, so an additional 3-4 days may be needed to complete the cover for shipping. NOTE: No spa cover is specifically designed to be used as a tanning bed, a dance floor, or anything other than what it was designed to do, cover and insulate the spa. However, MaxTop hot tub covers are the strongest covers and can withstand regular traffic.

* - Free shipping is available to most areas within the continental 48 US states. However, there are some areas that are considered remote or restricted access and may have additional charges involved. We will notify you prior to processing your order if your address falls in one of these areas. Areas include islands where ferries are required to access, some mountainous regions, toll bridges, etc. Again, we will notify you in advance prior to processing your order.

Custom spa covers are also available.

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Bill M. of Bryan, Ohio

“Good Morning. Just wanted to give you a follow-up on my recent spa cover.   It fits PERFECT and really appreciate the EXTRA effort taken to make sure the square corners with rounded edges were correct.   Very much appreciate the customer service, quality, and quick delivery.  

GREAT job everyone – thanks again!”

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